Fuxing Park – 复兴公园


In the late morning, I walk into Fuxing park
grateful for the refuge it offers from the bustle of the city.
The cicadas’ vibrating chants echo amidst the stillness of the bamboo grove,
and I wish to be one of the giant dragonflies that fly so freely over the lotus pond.


Photo taken in Fuxing Park, Shanghai.


In the large temple,
the gilded Buddha and Bodhisattva statues towered over me.
Their bodies stiff,
their eyes sharing nothing.

It is the lotus that spoke to me.
In silence,
it taught me humility
and simple beauty.


Inspired by a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai, China in June 2018. The same thing happened to me when I visited the giant Buddha in Kamakura, Japan, a few years ago. It was in a rose tilting under the weight of rain drops that I found serenity, not the giant metal statue.