Observing the world: so arid

The world is so arid!
So much pretense.

I long for honesty
— absolute, complete, total honesty.
Where gestures and words are real because spontaneous,
and kind because straight from the heart.

Once in a while, it happens.
And the world fills with tiny yellow flowers,
the same ones I saw many years ago bloom in the desert.


Inspiration: Observing the world 

Observing the world: performance

Performance— it is all about it these days.

But what is it for?

To be better than another? To earn more so as to buy more? Then it is akin to getting a watch that runs faster.

Rather absurd I would think.

Now, if performance means products or actions that help the general interest, and especially the most precarious among us, then it makes sense.


Inspiration: observing the world.