Wind, clouds, the moon

Wind, clouds, the moon.
They illicit words of love,
feelings of longing and sadness,
memories of broken hearts.
The wind howls into the night.
The moon disappears behind shifting clouds.
Clouds are carried to unknown destinations.
This is autumn.
To me, however,
they are
wind, clouds, the moon.
Beauty standing as is —
free of emotions except for
the joy of the written word.


Walk under a tree

Walk under a tree after the rain.
Rain does not only come from clouds.
Look around you, there is so much to be discovered.
Rain also falls from leaves.

Marche sous un arbre après la pluie.
La pluie ne vient pas que des nuages.
Regarde autour de toi, il y a tant de chose à découvrir.
La pluie tombe aussi des feuilles.