White cosmos flower

Falling asleep, I close my eyes tightly wishing to wake up as a white cosmos flower.

Like the one I saw today, I will be most delicate and sway with laughter in a field of white and pink. I will turn towards the deep blue sky of autumn, and laugh some more as the sun warms me.

The cold wind will blow and I will flutter while it scatters my petals. I will then die knowing that after the winter months, I will come back as a delicate white cosmos flower swaying and laughing in the wind in an immense field under the deep blue sky.


Inspired by the change of season and simple natural beauty.


With a slight chill
the wind picked up.
darker clouds filled the sky.
A few drops of rain fell.
The wind picked up some more
sending all the clouds away.
The sky returned to its deep blue.
The sun warmed my soul once more,
erasing its autumn melancholy.


After the afternoon thunderstorm

After the afternoon thunderstorm,
evening arrives accompanied by the coolness of autumn.
In the west, the sun dives into fiery clouds filled with rain and light.
In the east, the moon rises ever so slowly, silver against blue.
Wrapped in a shawl, I stand between the two,
listening to the flock of Snowy Egrets soaked in colors,
flying south for the night.