One hundred sighs

Hafez tells us the soul knows one hundred sighs.

So I just let mine scatter light across the night sky. I await no one.

I am tired. My eyes are closing.

The faint aroma of Mohammedi rose water enrobes me, the same roses I once admired in Kashan, the ones I put in apricot jam so that others may taste poetry.

I think I will sleep now.


Inspirations: Hafez, the scent of roses and the sweetness of homemade apricot jam. 


Morning glory / Belle de jour


From the window sill,
the Morning glory is happy under the rain,
tomorrow it will gift us with flowers.

Depuis le bord de la fenêtre,
la Belle de jour est heureuse sous la pluie,
demain elle nous offrira des fleurs.


Photo: the kitchen widow at home. Late August and September are the months with the heaviest rains in Mexico, and it is beautiful with sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.