Morning glory / Belle de jour


From the window sill,
the Morning glory is happy under the rain,
tomorrow it will gift us with flowers.

Depuis le bord de la fenêtre,
la Belle de jour est heureuse sous la pluie,
demain elle nous offrira des fleurs.


Photo: the kitchen widow at home. Late August and September are the months with the heaviest rains in Mexico, and it is beautiful with sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.


Spontaneously, effortlessly, no premeditation —
the original self in action.
Giving without calculating.
Smiling without expectation.
A flower blooms simply because it is a flower.
A flower calculates nothing, expects nothing.
It gives beauty whether we see it or not.
A simple flower can teach us so much, and simple is the key word.
The big talkers out there, and the warmongers, may want to bend down a little and listen.


Walk under a tree

Walk under a tree after the rain.
Rain does not only come from clouds.
Look around you, there is so much to be discovered.
Rain also falls from leaves.

Marche sous un arbre après la pluie.
La pluie ne vient pas que des nuages.
Regarde autour de toi, il y a tant de chose à découvrir.
La pluie tombe aussi des feuilles.