Observing the world: so arid

The world is so arid!
So much pretense.

I long for honesty
— absolute, complete, total honesty.
Where gestures and words are real because spontaneous,
and kind because straight from the heart.

Once in a while, it happens.
And the world fills with tiny yellow flowers,
the same ones I saw many years ago bloom in the desert.


Inspiration: Observing the world 

The light of this new day

Sit amidst divine grace
let your hair flow with the wind of the eternal breath
do not ask questions
do not look for answers
silence your mind
silence your heart
let your soul fly at will
feel the earth
feel the sky
do not get lost
remain in this moment
as the sky brightens
let yourself receive the light of this new day
in full gratitude and humility
you need nothing else.
Grace is here.


Inspiration: dawn. 

I have the certainty

I have the certainty that one day
we will go back into the vastness of the ocean.

We will be filled with grace and move effortlessly.
We will not need machines, nor need to invent anything.

I have the certainty that once more,
we shall be elegant creatures of the sea.


Inspiration: the world — too much metal, too much cement, too much noise. 


An old word rooted in Latin often forgotten or misused.


The gift of kindness, the act of helping that seeks nothing in return but the wellness of others.

A humble blue flower that keeps on giving amidst the chaos of the world. Yes, a fragile flower with the divine potential of awakening.


Inspiration: despite the rise of unrestrained individualism, there are gestures of kindness that create hope and can inspire us to do the same. 

Observing the world: performance

Performance— it is all about it these days.

But what is it for?

To be better than another? To earn more so as to buy more? Then it is akin to getting a watch that runs faster.

Rather absurd I would think.

Now, if performance means products or actions that help the general interest, and especially the most precarious among us, then it makes sense.


Inspiration: observing the world.