Observing the world: so arid

The world is so arid!
So much pretense.

I long for honesty
— absolute, complete, total honesty.
Where gestures and words are real because spontaneous,
and kind because straight from the heart.

Once in a while, it happens.
And the world fills with tiny yellow flowers,
the same ones I saw many years ago bloom in the desert.


Inspiration: Observing the world 

The light of this new day

Sit amidst divine grace
let your hair flow with the wind of the eternal breath
do not ask questions
do not look for answers
silence your mind
silence your heart
let your soul fly at will
feel the earth
feel the sky
do not get lost
remain in this moment
as the sky brightens
let yourself receive the light of this new day
in full gratitude and humility
you need nothing else.
Grace is here.


Inspiration: dawn. 

Art – Donatello


“Madonna Pazzi” by Donatello, 1420-1430s.
Marble, 75 x 70 cm. — Bode-Museum, Berlin.

A hard medium to portray a most tender moment.
The intensity is such that they seem unaware of our presence.
The genius of Donatello.


Inspiration: No matter how absurd the world seems, there will always be beauty and there will always be love. 

Podcast – “La muerte de la Virgen” de Caravaggio


“La muerte de la Virgen” – Caravaggio, 1604-06 – Le Louvre, Paris. 

Me da un enorme placer compartir un nuevo podcast de la serie Historia del Arte.

Esta vez se trata de una obra de Caravaggio, una obra frente de la cual me siento durante largos momentos cada vez que tengo la oportunidad de ir a Paris.

Es una obra conmovedora, provocadora y de una belleza infinita, como muchas de Caravaggio.

En este podcast, veremos cómo el uso magistral por Caravaggio de colores y contrastes, su atención a detalles y la tranquilidad del entorno, nos invitan a ver luz en medio de la angustia.

El podcast (7:36 min) se puede escuchar aquí por SoundCloud.

Gracias y no duden en compartir y comentar.