caramel caramelo


This is a project straight from my heart and it is with the support of friends that I have finally decided to do it.

A long time ago, I received a precious piece of advice:

Live your life like a traveller in the desert, lifting as little sand as possible.

And since, I have tried to do so through words of poetry, art and everyday simplicity.

caramel caramelo is where I will come to share this journey one day at a time, through poetry, art and everyday ideas that I hope will inspire you towards simplicity.

It is an unpretentious and gentle project.

Kindly join me!

Thank you.


The name of the blog is inspired by my son who I have called petit caramel or caramelo, ever since he was inside of me. He is now ten years old.

You can also find me on Instagram “caramel.caramelo