One hundred sighs

Hafez tells us the soul knows one hundred sighs.

So I just let mine scatter light across the night sky. I await no one.

I am tired. My eyes are closing.

The faint aroma of Mohammedi rose water enrobes me, the same roses I once admired in Kashan, the ones I put in apricot jam so that others may taste poetry.

I think I will sleep now.


Inspirations: Hafez, the scent of roses and the sweetness of homemade apricot jam. 


6 thoughts on “One hundred sighs”

  1. Such beautiful reflections….from such a lovely soul, thank you, my dear, sweet Kenza. Love to taste your poetry, bejewelled with apricot jam and rose petals….poignant and deep. *willow branches in mist**sunlight through clouds*

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