Art – Hammershøi, the painter of silence


“Dust motes dancing in sunbeam” by Vilhelm Hammershøi (Denmark, 1864-1916), 1900.

Hammershøi — the painter who painted silence.
How does one paint silence?
Will stillness do?
How do you perceive it through art?
A representation without a story?
A rush of memories and thoughts?
Or rather their quieting?


Art via the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen.

6 thoughts on “Art – Hammershøi, the painter of silence”

  1. The emptiness of the room, the shape of the window pane, the sunbeams and the title. Can’t express my delight and gratitude. Please keep sharing and opening our world – to art, depth of life, silence. With gratitude 🙂

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  2. He’s one of my all-time favourite painters! I immediately feel calm when I see one his interiors… he reminds me to breathe in deeply this one moment, before it passes and is gone. Thank you for your words and the image ❤

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