Silence and wonder

There is a profound silence in a Bach Cantata. That silence can also be heard in the paintings of Caravaggio. A flower blooms in silence.

Yes, silence, because it is from silence, that deep internal silence, that inspiration rises and where creation is fully displayed.

And yet, only once you have learned to listen, really listen, and look, really look, can you hear that silence.

The only way you can learn is if your entire being becomes silence. For that you must nourish yourself with silence, breathe it, integrate it; hence allowing your ego to wither, finally unloading the heavy burden of self-centeredness.

You will then be open to that supreme spiritual experience that is wonder —and do not be surprised if it comes to you from the most humble of places.


Note: I only mentioned Bach and Caravaggio, for the sake of brevity. It applies to any work of art in any form, but with criteria, that moves you (and not just your hips!).

14 thoughts on “Silence and wonder”

  1. Thank you for this post. Silence is something that fascinates me. Perhaps I have tended to over intellectualise this fascination… rather than practice silence.

    I have been compiling relevant quotes and my own reflections on silence here :

    I found the George Steiner quote – “Silence is not the opposite of the Word but its guarantor” especially helpful. I struggled to reconcile the love of silence with an awareness of the silences enforced on the oppressed and abused and marginalised.

    Realising that the opposite of truth is not silence but lies and noise helped me break this logjam.


    1. thank you and I went to check your links. Silence has always fascinated me. And as you seem to point out, quite rightly, it is not the opposite of sound but of noise (the useless, the cumbersome, the uncouth) —the one that makes us unable to see and hear and feel, and I must add pray and understand others. Thank you so much for your comment. Kenza.


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