The key

At dawn, a pigeon delivered a most important letter. The King had appointed me head of the aviary.

After the midday heat abated, I went to the palace to take my new office. The King gave me a special robe of celestial bleu and the golden key to the aviary.

As dark clouds gathered in the late afternoon, I walked to the aviary. With the golden key, I opened the cages and all the birds flew out.

Tonight, I sit alone smiling inside a cage. The King was rather displeased you see, and the golden key does not work on the lock.


5 thoughts on “The key”

    1. Yes, the lock of the cage I am in, where the King left me. It is fine as the birds are free and I am smiling. Such is the world sometimes, and if for others to be free (well), one has to remain in a cage even if for a while, it is worth it. This is about generosity and giving freely without expecting anything in return. Thank you Krishnapriya. Kenza.

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      1. dearest beautiful Kenza – i am SO happy i did not feel shy and asked the question. This is AWESOME – like gold! i have just been reading/meditating on pure love – to offer oneself to/for the Beloved asking nothing for return, fulfilled in the Beloved’s joy and pleasure. Your story resonates most deeply with me. With much gratitude, love and respect! Thank You. 🙂

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