The wrong light —
loud and brash
the one of multicolored awnings and incandescent screens.
— The one where you lose yourself.

The wrong light —
uncouth and effortlessly seen
the one that sucks in the lost and the desperate.
— The one that keeps you away from yourself.

Be careful when you walk the path.
Don’t be lured by complicated glitter.

Light is a river of overflowing splendor.
It shines yet does not blind.
Its rays are strong yet embrace you with infinite tenderness.
This is the Light that shatters your deepest misgivings.
It is the one of grace and infinite mercy.
The one of simple joy.
— The very one that is within you.


12 thoughts on “Light”

  1. Best poem of the month I’ve read, hands down. well penned piece .i fell head over heels for those first 3 left me feeling like my heart was torched by a pic lighter in a 3-d memories dream.

    if you sold poems on a street corner I’d buy this.

    well penned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I gave them for free… it is my luxury, and your words make them even more so. Thank you for your kindness. Kenza.


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