Nowruz when Spring gently knocks at the door baring the gift of light, illuminating the house and encouraging me to clean it meticulously.

I listen to the swallows’ early morning songs and the quiet opening of the hyacinth.

I set up the haft seen, the seven items of the altar. This year it is lavender, eggs, garlic, an apple, a silver plate, a candle and the poetry of Omar Khayyam and Hafez, showering us with their blessings.

You are cordially invited to our house to sit under the blooming jacaranda and listen to the gentle conversation of the violet, the pansy and the tulip. Believe me, they always have a lot of interesting things to say if you listen carefully.

Please come and come early, so that together we may dance amidst particles of light and smile at Khayyam and Hafez’s witty and eternal poetry.

12 thoughts on “Nowruz”

  1. Oh, so delightful…although I am a bit tardy! Are the 7 altar items the same each year? Do they each represent something significant? Blessings to you, sweet Kenza…on this special day and always! *hugs galore**rainbows above dewy meadow**sunrise over mountains*

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    1. Thank you! Yes most have meanings (apple — Good health, etc.) and a few change but basically these are the ones used (anything green like wheat grass or lentil sprouts for the lavender) and you can add different ones. I like to have a simple Haft Seen. thank you dear!

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      1. love learning special practices of friends…thank you for sharing, sweet Kenza…blessings and sweetness, hugs galore *daffodils in mist*ing psari

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