We are free

We are free.

We are free to do harm or not.
We are free to lie or tell the truth, to say hurtful words or remain silent.
We are free to steal or not, to kill or not, to respect or not.

This freedom has nothing to do with books or constitutions or laws, nor with place or culture or religion. It has nothing to do with individual rights either, nor anything established.

We were born free to chose our behavior.
Every day, every time we make a decision on what to do or say, we are free to chose harm or love.

We are free.
It is an immense privilege.


Published in Sister-hood, March 2019. 

7 thoughts on “We are free”

  1. Awesome! What a privilege – to be human, to have the choice – of adding vibrations of love or hurt – each moment with each breadth. Splendid write and awesome reminder, dear Kenza. Thank you for all your choices that make our moments radiant – with truth, light and simplicity.

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  2. An important reminder. On the other side it means we are more responsible than we think while we are often inclined to be obliged to behave in a certain way.

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