Art – Lady with a fan


She stood with a fan in her hand, her gaze reaching far beyond the fence.

She filled the museum room with grace and poise – a silent contrast to the visitors, all smart phone at hand rushing by, their short attention span turning stillness into boredom.

I was absorbed by her grace. I never asked myself any questions about what she may have been thinking. There was no need.

I stood there, wishing for her serenity to touch me. And as the visitors withered away, it did. I hope it touches you as well.


“Lady with a fan” by Fei Danxu (China, 1801-1850), ink on paper, hanging scroll, Qing Dynasty – a photo I took at the Shanghai Museum in June 2018.

Inspiration: Chinese New Year and serenity. 

6 thoughts on “Art – Lady with a fan”

  1. yes, her stillness and grace touched me with serenity…just by your words (can’t see pics, you know), and the contrast with modern visitors…verymeaningful, thank you! There is no boredom in stillness. Blessings, sweet Kenza!

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    1. Thank you. It is a simple black ink on yellow paper Chinese painting, where emotions and beauty are suggested rather than shown as with traditional Western paintings. There is a thin lady turning her back to us mid way. We cannot see her face but can see her hair and part of her right cheek as she turns slightly to the right. Her hair is pinned up, no jewelry is seen or how her hair may stay in place. She wears a long plain robe, flowing towards the ground. Her right arm is down next to her body and her left one is raised and bent. A white fan sticks from her upper arm. Her hand remains in front of her, hence unseen. She seems to lean slight against the trunk of a tall tree to her left. She is so graceful. In front of her there is a simple wooden fence, and only one vertical stick and two horizontal stick can be seen. The background, the direction of her gaze, is plain, letting one suppose there is perhaps a river flowing or a large field. Kenza.


      1. oh, how lovely, thank you so much for the description, Kenza! Perhaps she leans upon the tree, her grace one with its natural grace, distinct in their slight curves from the straight manmade fence…such sweet simplicity and beauty, thank you again, sweet friend,blessings.

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