Layers upon layers

Layers upon layers
of thoughts and memories and emotions.
We are wrapped in layers like onions.
One by one they stack upon us from childhood,
and as adult we strive to take them off.

I want to get rid of those heavy layers.
The ones of the past that weight on my back,
that impede me from dancing freely
and laughing like a child.
It is so easy to say that the past is gone,
you need a generous environment
or emptiness, for it to be so.

It seems easier as it requires no one to lean on.
Emptiness holds no expectations.
Maybe that is why I seek silence
and the poetry of the ancients.
Maybe that is why I shun the complex
and the superfluous.

There is no wisdom in my words,
just the perpetual questioning
of how to find tranquility of the heart
in a world that too often remains incomprehensible.


13 thoughts on “Layers upon layers”

  1. Beautiful, so deep and heart touching….the journey of life – the thousand veils we have all around us and now all we seek is the One behind it all, silence, emptiness, true light. Thank You for your words. 🙂

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  2. lots of tears are falling while the onion layers are explored and shed like worn clothes..
    I found that running water helps with all the eye burning..:)
    and when I manage to overcome the tears then it is time for the here and now practicality
    onions in the pan, the fragrance is spread
    and that is the first step for a delicious meal
    what I discover in the layers becomes my “nutritional” delicacy
    do you think I will make it to the onion heart one day?

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    1. Oh you will! But then again, the goal does not matter, it is the road we take that does. Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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