I look around me

I look around me. I hear the babble of the world.

I try to discern something, a word, anything, that will indicate to me that the world is awake. But most are asleep it seems or keep the awoken part very well hidden.

The news is heartbreaking no matter where it comes from. Violence fueled by narrow ideas of belonging such as nationalism and religion, is on the rise in speech and action. While so-called political correctness actually impedes free speech, the one where humor and laughter are allowed; many are falling pray to an obtuse sense of self, clinging to identity stickers.

Movies are for the most part boring or silly rehash (did you know that they are preparing “Gladiator Two” with Maximus coming back to life through a Christian martyr —is it just me or is stupidity triumphing?).

The latest books seem to follow the same lines with the new Booker Prize recounting a story the very summary of it made me cringe, and not in the intellectual Kafka sense, far from it.

Trying to be original has become so common that it is… you guessed it, no longer original.

School and social conveniences continue to ask all to fit a mold, no matter how original some try to be. At the end, many end up looking like copies of others, and most often uncouth emulations.

I do look around. I do observe and I do try to avoid judgement. But at times, I wish there were less brashness and a dash more of elegance, intellectual elegance I mean, the one that opens up your mind and makes you want to pursue a conversation. The one of knowledge and simple straightforwardness, not the one of vulgar (as in vulgaris) information and complicated pretension.

The world is in dire need of consciousness, of ideas and concepts beyond the confines of the known, of dreams and of those things that are only accessible to the mind. If only mankind would realize that what he can do is far far greater than what he has made and what he thinks he can do.

There are more than 125 trillion synapses in our cerebral cortex, that is more than there are stars in 1’500 milky ways.* And yet, look at the world.


3 thoughts on “I look around me”

  1. I can feel your words in my heartbeat. “The world is in dire need of consciousness” — Yes, Yes, Yes to that – to that all expansive feeling of oneness across time and space. Knowing we all belong in an infinite web of sweetness and music – thank you, so much Kenza dear – your writing gives me comfort in ways you may or may not see. Please accept my love and gratitude. 🙂

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