When the world is harsh

When the world is harsh,
there is no need to get upset.
If when it rains, you take an umbrella;
if when the road is lined with thorns, you wear shoes;
then you can do the same when the world is hurting you.
Surround yourself with simple beauty,
a piece of music or even a few flowers will do.
Make a gesture of kindness,
smile to others and yourself,
remain alone in silence.
Why get upset?


8 thoughts on “When the world is harsh”

  1. Medicine for the soul. Thank you – i needed to read this just NOW! Gratitude —- absolutely love your glass jar and flowers in the kitchen and also the flowers with your smile. Thank you. 🙂

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      1. Ooooh! This is totally so, so, so God Sent! 🙂 Going to light my lamp and do my japa now, in peace and love….adding you, your little boy and our universe in the hug of my prayers. Merci Beaucoup, mon chere Kenza 🙂

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