The birds

At dawn, a pigeon delivered a most important letter. The King had appointed me head of the aviary.

After the midday heat abated, I went to the palace to take my new office. The King gave me a special robe of celestial bleu and the golden key to the aviary.

As dark clouds gathered in the late afternoon, I walked to the aviary. With the golden key, I opened the cages and all the birds flew out.

Tonight, I sit alone smiling inside a cage. The King was rather displeased you see, and the golden key does not work on the lock.


One thought on “The birds”

  1. Beautifully expressed, yet so sad as one pigeon’s freedom had to be sacrificed for the others’ liberation. I hope one day that bird will also break free from that prison-cage. I can see the encaged pigeon of your story as a symbol standing for any unfairly imprisoned leader of any nonviolent civil resistance movement. People like Gandhi and Mandela spent years in jail. Now in Catalonia we have our democratically elected politicians either imprisoned or exiled. The two leaders of our nonviolent civil resistance movements also in jail. Artists being prosecuted and sent to prison too. Who could ever think this would happen in a supposedly modern European state as Spain? The Spanish king is exactly like the king of your story. I can so relate to this. Yet, we must always have hope for change. I wrote and danced hope:

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